Tim McAmis 1968 Top Sportsman Pro Mod Camaro Complete


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1968 Tim McAmis Roots Blown, EFI Camaro
Former Snyder Motorsports House Car

Basic Info:
Car Year/Model: 1968 Chevy Camaro
Sanction/Class: Top Sportsman/Pro Mod

Builder: Tim McAmis Race Cars
Location: Hawk Point, MO
Chassis Type/Cert: NHRA 25.1
Chassis Year: 2005
Wheelbase: 114
Front Suspension: Lamb
Rearend: McAmis 4-link
Rear Shocks: Penski
Rear Tires: Hoosier 17/36-16
Rear Wheels: Weld Magnum Knurled Liner
Front Tires: Hoosier 25-5×5
Front Wheels: Weld V-Series
Brakes: Mark Williams Carbon
Differentials: Tom’s 10-inch
Axles: Mark Williams
Wheelie Bar: MVM Single Carbon
Bodywork/Paint: Body Art Collision & Color

Builder: Snyder Motorsports
Type/Size: Pro Mod Legal 477 CI Hemi
Power Adder: Hammer 14-71 Supercharger
Block: Brad Anderson Enterprises Spread Lifter Billet
Heads: Brad Anderson TA-1
Valves: 2.400/1.900
Crank: 3.750 Bryant
Rods: R&R Racing Products
Pistons: JE Pistons SMS4-5
Wrist Pins: Trend
Rockers: T&D Machine Products
Push Rods: Manton Tool Steel Push Rods
Valve Springs: PSI Springs
Cam: Bullet Racing Cams
Lifters: Jesel Keyed
Oil Pan: Moroso
Oiling: RCD Engineering
Lubricants: Lucas Oil 70 wt
Fuel Pump: Aeromotive
Ignition: ComSYNC EFI Coil Packs
Spark Plugs: NGK Spark Plugs
Intake: Noonan Billet
Headers: Kooks
Transmission: Lencodrive 3 Speed by Snyder
Bell Housing: Boninfante/Bohr Racing Products
Converter: Coan Engineering
Fluids: Lucas Oil Sure Shift ATF
Rear End: McAmis Fabricated
Third Member: Strange 4.56

Builder: Tim McAmis
Tinwork/Carbon work: McAmis/Snyder
Wiring/Finish: Snyder Motorsports
Seat: Racetech
Steering Wheel: Grant
Shifter: Lenco F-N-R Shifter
Guages: ComSYNC EFI Dash

Safety Equipment:
Seatbelts: Taylor Motorsports Products
Window Net: Taylor
Engine Diaper: Taylor
Blower Bag: Taylor
Transmission Blanket: Taylor
Fire System: Safecraft
Parachute: White Safety Products

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