Larry Jeffers 1955 Chevy Outlaw Pro Mod Complete


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Larry Jeffers 1955 Chevy Outlaw Pro Mod

This beauty has 7 passes on her and the engine is fresh from Tom Conway with new rods, crank, valve springs and rings.

Builder: Larry Jeffers Race Cars
Chassis Type/Cert: NHRA 25.1
Chassis Year: 2021
Wheelbase: 113”/111”
Front Suspension: Strange Ultra
Rear End: Jeffers 4-link
Rear Shocks: Penski
Rear Tires: Hoosier 17/36-16
Rear Wheels: Weld Knurled Liner
Front Tires: Good Year
Front Wheels: Weld V-Series
Brakes: Carbon Front and Back
Wheelie Bar: MVM Carbon
Color: Wrapped

Builder: Tom Conway
Type/Size: 521 CI AJ Hemi
Power Adder: PSI C Rotor Blower
Block: TFX, Standard Deck
Heads: AJ Stage 4 Heads
Bore: 4.4675
Crank: 4.150
Fuel Pump: Rage
Ignition: ComSYNC EFI Coil Packs
Intake: BAE EFI
Headers: Jeffers
Transmission: Lencodrive 2 Speed by Snyder
Bell Housing: Trick Titanium
Converter: Chance Bolt Together
Rear End: Fabricated Jeffers
Third Member: 5.14

Builder: Jeffers
Tinwork/Carbon work: Jeffers
Wiring/Finish: Snyder Motorsports
Seat: Carbon
Steering Wheel: Jeffers
Shifter: Lenco ComboFlo Auto Shift
Guages: ComSYNC EFI Dash

Safety Equipment:
Seatbelts: Jeffers
Window Net: Jeffers
Engine Diaper: Carbon Bucket
Blower Bag: Taylor
Transmission Blanket: Taylor
Fire System: 20# Safe Craft
Parachute: Jeffers

All Extra Available: Trans Cooler, Pro Jacks,Blower Belts, Oil and ATF.

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