Larry Jeffers 1955 Chevy Outlaw Pro Mod Complete or Roller


Larry Jeffers 1955 Chevy Outlaw Pro Mod Complete or Roller

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Larry Jeffers 1955 Chevy Outlaw Pro Mod

This beauty has 7 passes on her and the engine is fresh from Tom Conway with new rods, crank, valve springs and rings.
She was designed to be light weight and go fast. She has been 3.70 at 212 mph. It is a true No Rules Outlaw Pro Mod. Her PSI Screw Blower is at 128 over and blows with 60 plus pounds of boost. She doesn’t carry the extra weight of an on board starter, interior lights or a helmet hook. She weighs right around 2250 without a driver. She was built for speed and safety! If it wasn’t required to make her faster or safer, she didn’t get it. She is a race car, not a luxury vehicle with a heated steering wheel and air-conditioned seats. If you are looking for a lean and mean Out law Pro Mod, you will not find a better deal than this right here with almost double invested this a steal for the right real racer.

Don’t want her complete? Give us a call and see if we can make a deal!
Roller: $125,000
Engine Hat to Pan: $100,000

Builder: Larry Jeffers Race Cars
Chassis Type/Cert: NHRA 25.1
Chassis Year: 2021
Wheelbase: 113”/111”
Front Suspension: Strange Ultra
Rear End: Jeffers 4-link
Rear Shocks: Penski
Rear Tires: Hoosier 17/36-16
Rear Wheels: Weld Knurled Liner
Front Tires: Good Year
Front Wheels: Weld V-Series
Brakes: Carbon Front and Back
Wheelie Bar: MVM Carbon
Color: Wrapped
Weight: 2250 without Driver

Builder: Tom Conway
Type/Size: 521 CI AJ Hemi
Power Adder: PSI C Rotor Blower
Block: TFX, Standard Deck
Heads: AJ Stage 4 Heads
Bore: 4.4675
Crank: 4.150
Fuel Pump: Rage
Ignition: ComSYNC EFI Coil Packs
Intake: BAE EFI
Headers: Jeffers
Transmission: Lencodrive 2 Speed by Snyder
Bell Housing: Trick Titanium
Converter: Chance Bolt Together
Rear End: Fabricated Jeffers
Third Member: 5.14

Builder: Jeffers
Tinwork/Carbon work: Jeffers
Wiring/Finish: Snyder Motorsports
Seat: Carbon
Steering Wheel: Jeffers
Shifter: Lenco ComboFlo Auto Shift
Guages: ComSYNC EFI Dash

Safety Equipment:
Seatbelts: Jeffers
Window Net: Jeffers
Engine Diaper: Carbon Bucket
Blower Bag: Taylor
Transmission Blanket: Taylor
Fire System: 20# Safe Craft
Parachute: Jeffers

All Extra Available: Trans Cooler, Pro Jacks,Blower Belts, Oil and ATF.

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