About Us

For the past 30 years, the only thing constant at Snyder Motorsports is change.

From Junior Dragsters to Screw Blown Hemi Combinations, the now Fort Worth, Texas based Snyder Motorsports is known for being at the forefront of technology and parked in the Winner’s Circle.

The 7-time Season Champs have built an innovative high horse, drag parts business around their on track experiences, years of collected knowledge and a desire to innovate. Snyder Hemi Engines, Electronic Fuel Injection, High Horse Powered Converter Technology and a Converter Driven Transmission are just a few of their accomplishments over the years. Their innovations have set records and captured championships in numerous categories across multiple organizations.

Snyder also played an essential role in the development and marketing of the Lencodrive Racing Transmission, one of the best converter driven units on the market today. Humbly, the high horse converter revolution would have never been without their guidance and influence. One of the first to EFI a supercharged Hemi, Snyder proved electronic fuel injection was not only possible but also possible to win championships with. This will be the next revolution to hit the industry.

Snyder has taken their championship winning on track experience and created an exclusive line of SMS products, including 12V SMS Hi-Per Battery, Billet Battery Box, 48 and 24 Volt Battery Pack, Dual CO2 Regulator Kit, SMS Reverser Shifter, Throttle Position Sensor Injector Hat Bracket, Go – No Go Valve Spring Checker, On Head Valve Spring Changer, CO2 Gauge and Air Bottle Adapter. SMS also carries a variety of other championship winning parts with an extensive line of quantity manufactures, including Lenco Racing Transmissions, Flatout Gaskets, LMS Tools, Billet Atomizer Injectors, Taylor Motorsports Products, Boninfante Bell Housings, T&D Rocker Arms, Weld Wheels, PSI Springs, MSD, JE Pistons, just to name a few.

Snyder specializes in not only products, but also application and service. With a focus on the future, Snyder is developing new products and improving past stars to keep the company at the forefront of the industry and propelling them into the future.

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