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ComSyncEFI ComSync EFI Details

The Basics

  • Programmable with PC or Laptop
  • Bluetooth Wireless Communication Available
  • Fuel Matrix: Fuel vs MAP (Pounds per Hour)
  • Ignition Matrix: RPM vs MAP
  • Shift Light (Up to 5 Speeds)
  • Completely Programmable and Adjustable while Engine Running
  • Super Fast 32 bit CPU, Executes over 400 Million Instructions per Second
  • Complete Recalculation of Fuel, Ignition and Injector Timing Every Cylinder
  • RS232, USB, Ethernet and CAN 2.0B Communications
  • Automatic Altitude Correction
  • 4 Megabytes of Reconfigurable Flash Memory
  • Tyco Water Tight Reliable Connectors

Engine Control

  • Sequential Timed Multiport Injection of up to 32 channels
  • Ignition Timing to the Nearest .1 degree (50.0 to 0 Degrees)
  • Individual Cylinder Timing Control
  • Individual Cylinder Fuel Control
  • Fuel Timing to the Nearest Millionth of a Second
  • Injector Turn on Timing Curve to Time Fuel Delivery with Valve Opening
  • Auxilary Fuel Control
  • Programmable MAT Correction Factor
  • Custom Accelerator Pump Control
  • 2 Electronic Throttle Controllers
  • 4L80E Transmittion Control
  • Radiator Fan Control
  • Fuel Pump Control
  • Boost Controller
  • Distributor-less Ignition System- Coil Packs
  • Software for 12, 8, 4, and 6 cylinder odd or even fire
  • Cold Junction Compensation for up to 12- O2 Inputs

Engine Management/Safety

  • Rev Limit by Either Fuel, Igniton or Both
  • Separate Stage and 5 Gears Timing Control
  • Separate 5 Gears Fuel Control
  • Timing Curve (Time vs Ignition or RPM vs Ignition)
  • Separate Ignition Rev Limit for Stage and 5 Gears with Spark Control
  • Individual Cylinder Overheating Control with EGT
  • Individual Cylinder Overheating Shutoff with EGT
  • Optional O2 Close Loop on Individual Cylinders

Data Logging

  • Graphical Data Logging Software Included
  • Logs All Data for Each Cylinder Firing
  • Output for Digital Dash
  • Real Time Onscreen Data Tracker for Faster Engine Tuning
  • 12 bit A/D Converters (Up to 4,000,000 Samples per Second)
  • Up to 44 Channels of Analog Data Acquisition
  • Up to 11 Channels of Digital Data Acquisition
  • Up to 8 Channels of RPM Data Acquisition
  • Up to 32 Independent Injector Channels
  • Up to 12 Independent Spark Trigger Outputs
  • 134 Megabytes of Data Logging for Ease of Tuning in RAM
  • 268 Megabytes of Data Logging for Ease of Tuning in FLASH
  • Onboard Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Onboard Battery Voltage Monitoring

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