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ComSyncEFI Details

Fuel Matrix  
1024 Points 32x32 (RPM vs MAP)
Timing Matrix  
256 Points 16x16 (RPM vs MAP) 6 Gears Max
Minimum Matrix Steps  
1 RPM or .01" Mecury on MAP
Ignition Timing  
0-50 Degrees (.1 Degree Steps)
Ignition Output  
12 Independent Triggers
Ignition Support  
Coil Packs or Pints Trigger
Cylinder Ignition Control  
Individual Timing Offsets of Each Cylinder
Rev Limit  
Hard, Soft or Both (Ignition or Fuel)
Cylinder Fuel Control  
Individual Fuel Control for Each Cylinder
Calculation Rate  
Complete Recalculation Every Cylinder at any RPM
Injector Timing  
16 Point Curve (0-70 Degrees, .1 Degree Resolution)
Injector Drive  
Up to 32 Independent Sequential Timed Outputs
Driver Types  
20 Amp Current Limited with Fault Tollerant Curcuit
Injector Duty Cycle  
0-100 Percent
Fuel Pulse Resolution  
1 Microsecond
Number of Cylinders  
12 Max (Max 4 Injectors per Cylinder with 8 Cylinders)
RPM Resolution  
+/- .2 at 5,000 RPM, +/- .7 at 10,000 RPM
Effective Limit  
25,000 RPM
Data Logging  
134 Million Bytes RAM and 262 Million Bytes of Flash
Logging Capacity  
Synchronous with Engine or up to 4m Sample/Second
A/D Conversion  
4, 12 Bit (4 Million Samples per Second)
Input Channels  
44 Analog, 8 RPM, 11 Digital
Wide Band O2s  
Up to 8 on Board (4 External for 12 Cylinders)
Input Filtering  
3-7 Levels of Filters on Every Analog Channel
Turbo Tachometers  
Two (36-262,000 RPM)
Turbo Tach Resolution  
+/- 2 at 100,000 RPM, +/- 4 at 150,000 RPM
40 20 A Drivers, 24 10 A Drivers
(2) RS232, (2) 10/100 Ethernet, (2) USB, (3) CAN 2.0B
Data Transmition  
USB, RS232 (115kb), Ethernet 10/100

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