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Snyder Motosports Used Drag Parts Larry Higginbotham

Flatout Deals

Snyder Motorsports is Now Offering Special Pricing for Select Classes on Their Light Weight, Updated Flatout
Hemi Head Gasket Sets.

Select Combinations of Bores and Thicknesses In Stock. If a Bore or Thickness Becomes Popular, Inventory Will Expand!
Special Order Sizes Also Available.

Used Lencodrive

Snyder Motorsports Lencodrives

2 and 3 Speeds Available
Fresh Parts
Snyder Serviced
Pick Your Gears

Used Coan Converter

Coan Converters - Call for Pricing

11" #1 Pump, All Alum, Bolt Together, Stator Options
11" #3 Pump, All Alum, Bolt Together, Stator Options
10.5" Steel/Alum Bolt Together, Stator Options
10.5" Steel Welded, 40/21, Spragless

Electrimotion 15 channel Box

EM 15 Channel Box


MSD Mag Box Coil

MSD 44 Mag, Box and Coil - $2500

Mag Checked by Electrimotion at 47 amp
Box/Coil Freshly Checked by Electrimotion

Box Coil 8147 8142

MSD Box with Rev - $450

Freshly Check by Electrimotion

Diamond Pistons

NEW Diamond Pistons
with Buttons and Rings



Clutch Can Bell Housing Bonifonte

8 5/8" Bonifonte Titanium Clutch Can
with TMRC Pattern


Taylor Motorsports Transmission Blanket

Taylor Kevlar Transmission Blankets

1 - Lencodrive 2 Speed (12/17 Recert)
1 - Lencodrive 3 Speed
1 - Lenco CS2 4 Speed
2 - Lenco CS2 3 Speed

Fresh SFI Cert and Kevlar!

Moroso 22686

NEW Moroso Dry Sump Tank - $400

Part Number 22686
with Mounting Bracket

Bryant Crank Used

Used Bryant Cranks

3.900 - Keyed Snout
4.150 - Spline Snout

Lenco Gear Sets

Lenco and Lencodrive
CS2 Gear Sets

Buy - Sell - Trade
New - Used

Check Back Often. This Section Is Always Updating.

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