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Snyder Hemi Engine Tools Ola Thomas Dahlblom

Spark Plug GapperSpark Plug Gapper

The Spark Plug Gapper

Hemi Sprak Plug Gapper

The ultimate in spark plug gapping. Made of billet aluminum. Ease of use and consistent gaps are the key to this patent pending work of art. When you gap a set of plugs every pass…this is a true must have.


Stud Installer


Stainless Steel Stud Installers

Stamped for easy ID. Installers have a steel ball to prevent overtightening. The stainless steel body is 1.75" overall length and uses a 3/4" wrench or socket to tighten.

Available in sets or individual.

Sizes: 1/4-20, 1/4-28, 5/16-24, 3/8-16
3/8- 24, 7/16-20, 1/2-20, 9/16-18

Pit Pal Lencodrive Service Tray

716 - Snyder Motorsports Designed
Pit Pal Lencodrive Service - Disassemble Tray

Snyder Motorsports worked with PitPal Products to design this Lencodrive tray. With a hole in the middle for the Pump Housing to fit, this allows the trans to stand on end for easier service. It also features an ATF reservoir to keep the bench top clean.  An easy to empty drain plug makes clean up a breeze.  The side tray for bolts and small parts makes sure you will not lose any important pieces.  This is a must for any do-it-yourself Lencodrive Mechanic.

Drag Race Track Meter

Track Meter

The Best Tool for Accurately Measuring Track Conditions

Years of development and track proven testing have made the Track Meter the most important piece of equipment in any racers arsenal! A precision machined billet aluminum housing, highly durable rubber contact pad and top quality components all combine to form a tool that will withstand the rough environment of the race track.

- Reduce variation for more consistent run performance
- Build your track database with more reliable and consistent data
- 6061-T6 billet construction for strength and lasting durability
- Proudly Made In The USA

Bottom End Service Pan

The Diver - Bottom End Service Pan

Offers the bottom-end man/ diver a 2-piece stainless steel oil drip tray. The pitched inner tray features drain holes to aid drainage to the outer pan. Disassembles quickly for easy clean-up. Inner & outer trays are made of .stainless steel. This is a must for any diver.

The Super Scraper

The Super Scraper
with Carbide Edge

Made in the USA

3 Widths

Hemi Spark Plug T Handle

Hemi Engine Torquing
Spark Plug T-Handle

Powdercoated Black
Torquing Action

Hemi Engine Valve Cover T Handle

Hemi Engine Valve Cover T-Handle

Powdercoated Black
7/16 Socket End

Piston Ring Power Filer

110 Power Piston Ring Filer
w/ Deburing Wheel

The most popular ring filer in the industry!

Ends tedious filing and rechecking to get desired gap. High torque motor cuts end gap fast. Powerful batteries to replace! Table pivots past grinding wheel. No open ways to accumulate grinding dust and wear prematurely. Knurled in-feed adjustment knob for extra control. The ultimate in ring filing!

Valve Spring Lock Tool

Valve Spring Retainer - Lock Tool

Knock the Locks Loose with this Punch Tool. Makes getting stuck Locks Loose a breeze even when the heads are on the car.

LSM Feeler Gauge Tool

LSM Dual Feeler Gauge Handles
FH-200 FH-500

Hold your feeler gauges in style.
Makes checking the Valve Lash
that much easier.
Choice of Short/Fat or Long/Skinny

LSM Torquing Valve Lash Wrench

LSM Torquing Valve
Lash Adjuster Wrench


Made in the USA. This wrench torques your adjusters to 22 lbs every time. Comes with wrench and 3/16 T-handle hex (socket not included).

LSM Valve SPring Removal Tool

LSM Off Block Valve
Spring Removal Tool

Machined out of billet alluminum. Capacity is 8 3/8" with a throat depth of 5 1/2 " which is enough to fit Hemi heads. Compression from either end allows for precise positioning of the tool for optimum access. Compresses springs to 1000 lbs easily. Removable handle.

LSM Pit Wrench

The LSM Pit Wrench

This is not your odinary pit wrench. Built in Dzus Tool, Belt Loop Hook, Supierior Worm Gear Design and Easy Grip Handle Make This a Must Have for Every Crew Guy.

Snyder Valve Spring Removal Toll

Snyder Valve Spring Removal Tool

Makes Changing and Checking Valve Springs a Breeze. Easy to Use and Easy to Install. Made in the USA!!

Snyder Valve Spring Checker

SnyderMotorsports Between
Rounds Valve Spring Checker

A fast and easy, go-no go gauge to check valve spring pressure. Makes inbetween round maintance that much faster.

Cylinder Head Service Organizer

Cylinder Head Service Organizer

Tearing down or assembling heads, this organizer keeps everything in one place which cuts down on mistakes and makes for easier more efficient work. Quality finished wood craftsmanship eliminates parts scaring. $394.95

Rod Bearing Holder

Connecting Rod Bearing
Organizer and Holder
The Diver's Best Friend

This is a must for any bottom end man. Keep everything organized for between round service or working at the shop. Quality finished wood craftsmanship eliminates parts scaring. $304.95

Push Rod Stand

Engine Push Rod
Stand Organizer

This stand keeps push rods organized when taking the heads off. A must have for between round thrashes or working at the shop. Quality finished wood craftsmanship eliminates parts scaring. $159.95

Spark Plug Holder

Pre Run Spark Plug Holder

Once plugs are gapped, they now have a safe and convenient home. Cut down on between run time, this organizer holds enough plugs for four changes. Quality finished wood craftsmanship eliminates parts scaring. $164.95

Spark Plug Holder After

After Run Spark Plug Holder

Trying to compare plugs from one pass to another can be difficult. This organizer holds up to 8 runs and keeps each cylinder in one line. Quality finished wood craftsmanship to eliminate parts scaring. $189.95

Lenco Servo Wrench

Lenco Air Servo or Lever
Adjustment Wrench

Some things are just hard to find. This 'Made in the USA' Wrench is the correct angle and perfect thickness to adjust the nuts that hold air servos or levers.


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