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Snyder Motorsports New Products Bubba Stanton

Transmission Cooler
transCooler tranny cooler
transCooler tranny cooler

The Snyder Motorsports Transmission Cooler

It's Back and It's Now Black! 110 Electric Pump, 10 Foot Hose Length,
Jiffy-tite Fittings, Compact Design, Wheels and Retractable Handle to Roll

This black beauty will cool down a transmission in about 15-20 Minutes. By utilizing ice
instead of a fan, it doesn't matter what the temp is at the track. It cools at ice water temps
making cooling in the heat of summer still a breeze.

Click for more Pictures and Information


SMS 24 Volt On Board
Starter Battery Jump Pack

Featuring SMS Hi-Per 12V Batteries, this billet pack will get the job done. Save weight off the car with this light weight starting option. It has an easy to remove cover to prevent sparks and for easy charging.

15' battery cables also available.

Transmission Cooler
billet breather tube billet breather tube

Billet Valve Cover Breather Tube Set
Available in Black at $260 or Natural at $250

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The G Spot Shock Travel Sensor - 7.62" Travel - 5 Volt - In Stock at $179.95
Coil Bracket

The Stacked Coil Bracket - 4 Coils with a Smaller Footprint

Dual Bypass
Dual Bypass

The New Dual Multi-Purpose Fluid Bypass

Separate 6AN Inlets or Single 6AN Inlet, Single 8AN Outlet
Separate Activation, Jet-able, Multipurpose

Manifold Intake Cover Aluminium

Intake Manifold Cover

Keep that Spare Engine Covered with this
.080 Aluminium Manifold Cover.
Fits Roots or Screw Bolt Patterns.

Hemi Valve Covers

Sheet Metal Hemi Valve Covers

BC1010 - no tubes
BC101 - with tubes

Clearview Oil Filter 100-115

Clearview Oil Filter - CV100-115

Available Blacked Out or Clear

Snyder TPS Bracket Blower Supercharged
Snyder Motorsports Blower Hat
Throttle Position Sensor Bracket
Super Scraper Snyder
Lithium Pro Batteries 680-16

16 Volt Lithium Pro Battery

Light Weight, Reliable and Fits in
Snyder Motorsports Battery Box

Lencodrive Bypass Valve
Snyder Lencodrive Stainess Filter
Snyder Motorsports Exclusive Lencodrive Racing Transmission Stainless Steel Filter Kit
Featuring Stainless Steel Filter Screen and Billet Aluminum Filter Adaptor
ComSync EFI Cam Sensor

ComSyncEFI Cam Sensor

New Parts Being Uploaded
in the ComSyncEFI Sections

Pit Pal Lencodrive Service PanPit Pal Lencodrive Service Tray

716 - Snyder Motorsports Designed
Pit Pal Lencodrive Service - Disassemble Tray

Snyder Motorsports worked with PitPal Products to design this Lencodrive tray. With a hole in the middle for the Pump Housing to fit, this allows the trans to stand on end for easier service. It also features an ATF reservoir to keep the bench top clean.  An easy to empty drain plug makes clean up a breeze.  The side tray for bolts and small parts makes sure you will not lose any important pieces.  This is a must for any do-it-yourself Lencodrive Mechanic.

Aluminum Converter Stator

Snyder Motorsports Exclusive
Billet Aluminium 11" Stators

Billet Alumium, Multiple Angles
Options are Limitless Now!!
Fully Machined, No Welding
6 Options to Fit Any Combo

CO2 Gasket

Snyder Motorsports CO2 Bottle Gasket

Made with Steel Core Gasket Material. This
is a Racing CO2 Gasket, not a Soda Gasket.

Pit Pal Engine Stand

162 - Pit Pal Engine Stand

Heavy duty construction with dual wheel casters. Designed to fit motors with front motor plates and all accessories, such as oiling systems, air pumps, dry sump tanks,etc. Unique front tubes accommodate any height or angle. Two large spring loaded locking pins secure stand during transportation.

ComSyncEFI Engine Management - Click the Link for More Info
Snyder Dual Battery Box

BC10BD - SMS Hi-Per 12 Volt
Dual Aluminum Battery Box

Fresh Off of the Machine, the Perfect Match for a Pair of SMS Hi-Per 12V Batteries. This Dual Mount Makes 24 Volt Starting Even Easier.

Hemi Valve Lock Tool

Valve Spring Retainer Lock Tool

Knock the Locks Loose with this Punch Tool. Makes getting stuck Locks Loose a breeze even when the heads are on the car.

LSM Feeler Guage Tool

LSM Dual Feeler Gauge Handles
FH-200 FH-500

Hold your feeler gauges in style.
Makes checking the Valve Lash
that much easier.
Choice of Short/Fat or Long/Skinny

Aluminum Hemi Valve Cover Nuts

Valve Cover Aluminum Nuts

Hard Anodized for Strength
Course Thread for Speed

Sold by the Piece

Aluminum Hemi Valve Cover Nut and Stud Kit

Valve Cover Aluminum Nut and Stud Kit

Complete Kit: 14 Hard Anodized Nuts and 14 Course Thread Studs

Hard Anodized for Strength
Course Thread for Speed

Snyder Hi-Per 12 Volt Battery
Snyder Battery Box

BC10 - Snyder Motorsports
Hi-Per 12 Volt Battery

Lighten up your race car with the Snyder Motorsports' 13 lb. SMS Hi-Per 12V battery. The Hhi-Per produces more power per pound than any other battery on the market. It has the cranking power of wet cell batteries 3x its size. This is due to the extremely low internal resistance. The SMS Hi-Per 12V does not have a cold cranking amp rating like other batteries, but it has been tested to crank supercharged engines and engines with compression ratios as high as 15:1. The reserve capacity of the battery is 16 amp hours. The Snyder Hi-Per 12V is completetly dry cell and can withstand the rigors of high performance racing enviroments. Any 12 volt changer can be used to recharge.

Snyder Battery Box

BC10BA - SMS Hi-Per 12 Volt
Aluminum Battery Box

Looking for an easy way to mount your Snyder Hi-Per 12 Volt Battery. Here is the solution!

Snyder Battery Box
Bohr Boninfante Bell Housing

Boninfante - Bohr Racing
Aluminum Bell Housings

The Best in Titanium...
Now Available in Aluminum

Drag Strip Track Meter with Torque Wrench

Track-Meter with Torque Wrench
The Track Analyzer

The Best Tool for Accurately Measuring Track Conditions

Years of development and track proven testing have made the Track Meter the most important piece of equipment in any racers arsenal! A precision machined billet aluminum housing, highly durable rubber contact pad and top quality components all combine to form a tool that will withstand the rough environment of the race track.

- Reduce variation for more consistent run performance
- Build your track database with more reliable and consistent data
- 6061-T6 billet construction for strength and lasting durability
- Proudly Made In The USA

Shorai 12 Volt Battery

Shorai LIGHT Weight Battery
1.4 LBS - 4.5"x3.5"x2.25"

It probably won't start your nitrous engine, but it will run all your electronics. It will also stand up to some tire shake, as tested by our Pro Extreme house car. Track Tested!!

Battery Charger also Available.

Valve Spring Removal Tool

Snyder Hemi Valve Spring
Removal - Pressure Tool

Makes Changing and Checking Valve Springs a Breeze. Easy to Use and Easy to Install. Made in the USA!!

4 CO2 Air Bottle Adaptor

Snyder Motorsports
CO2 Air Bottle Adaptor

For All the Racers Who Wanted a Dual Pressure Regulator, But Had the Wrong Bottles. We Have the Solution. This Fitting Will Adapt Your Old CO2 Bottle to Our Dual Pressure Regulator System.

Steel Construction
CO2 Bottle Thread to -4AN

Air Bottle Adaptor
Lencodrive Billet Pan

Snyder Motorsports Lencodrive
Billet Aluminum Pan

-Billet Aluminum
-Lighter than Mag
-Improved Design
-Increased Capasity

LSM Pit Wrench

LSM The Pit Wrench

This is not your odinary pit wrench. Built in Dzus Tool, Belt Loop Hook, Supierior Worm Gear Design and Easy Grip Handle Make This a Must Have for Every Crew Guy.

Titanium Header Supercharger Restraints

Supercharger Restraints/
Titanium Header Brackets

Steel is Heavy. Aluminum lacks Quality. Titanium!! 1.4 pounds for 4 brackets. Titanium Brackets and Pins.

RCD Blower Starter Drive

RCD Engineering Titanium Blower
Mount Starter Drive - Engine Dog

New Light Weight Titanium Design.
Steel Versions Also Available.
Roots or Screw Blower Designs.


RCD Pulley Washer

RCD Engineering Aluminum
Pulley Sprocket Washer

Steel or Titanium Also Available.
151505 15110 151515

Exhaust Port Cover

Hemi Head Exhaust Port Covers

Tired of tape and cardboard over your spare engines' exhaust ports? These .250" thick, hard plastic covers are perfect.
Multiple Engine and Port Designs Available.

RCD 48 Volt Blower Starter Kit

Snyder Motorsports 48 Volt
Blower Mount Starter Kit

with RCD Engineering Blower Mount Starter

Most trusted name in starting just got better... Snyder Motorsports 48 Volt Battery Pack, 15' Cables and RCD Engineering Blower Mount Starter.
Now Available in "Blackout" Version


RCD Blower Mount Starter
PJ1 Supercharger Lube Wheelie Bar Chalk

Two Must Have's from PJ1

Superchrager Lube - BC1025
Will not make the intake ports sticky,
but will make the rotors spider web
A must for tight superchagers!!

Wheely Bar Chalk - BC1026
Perfect spray for any wheely bar wheel, easier than shoe polish

Button Shifter Knob

Trans Brake Button Shifter Knob
for Lenco - Lencodrive Reverser Shifter

Direct Replacement for the current Shift Knob on Lenco Reverser Shifter. Use the Button as a Trans Brake, 'Shift' or Line Lock.


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