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Snyder Motorsports MSD Ignition Dan Pomponio
MSD Pro Mag 44 Black 81407MSD Pro Mag 44 81405

MSD Ignition Pro Mag 44

BLack or Red Available
Big Cap Available

MSD8140 MSD81405
MSD81407 MSD81403

MSD Pro Mag Box Black 8147 81473

MSD Ignition Pro Mag 44 Box
with Rev Limit

BLack or Red Available

MSD8147 MSD81473

MSD Ignition Pro Mag 44 Coil Black 8142 81423

MSD Pro Mag 44 Coil

Black or Red Available

MSD8142 MSD81423

MSD Spark Plug Wire Set

MSD Spark Plug Wire Sets
Hemi or Chevy Available

MSD31559 MSD31223

MSD Wire Separators 8843

MSD Ignition MSD8843
Pro Clamp Wire Separators

MSD RPM Activated Switch 8950

MSD Ignition MSD8950
RPM Activated Switch Kit

RPM Activated Window Switch MSD8956

MSD 2 Step Module Selector 8739

MSD Ignition MSD8739
Two Step Module Selector

MSD Changeover Switch 7990

MSD Ignition MSD7990
Changeover Switch Sprint Car
Mag to Crank Trigger Switch

MSD Deutsch Connectors 8181 8183

MSD Ignition
Deutsch Connectors

2 Pin MSD8183
4 Pin MSD8181

MSD 6 Shooter Timing Computer
MSD Ignition
Timing Retard Computer, Six
Shooter, and Module Chips

Timing Computer MSD8168
Six Shooter MSD8158
1-5 Module MSD8777
5-10 Module MSD8776
11-15 Module MSD8774
15-20 Module MSD8775

Snyder RPM Programmable Shift Kit

Snyder Motorsports
Lenco 2/3 Speed Shift Kit

with MSD Ignition 75591 RPM
Programable Shift Controller

Back by popular demand, the Snyder Shift Kits are here again. Make your Lenco Shift itself. Laptop programmable box. Includes box, solenoid(s), air fittings, lights and button. Just add solenoids for 4 and 5 speed kits.

MSD Timing Light 8991

MSD Ignition MSD8991
Self-Powered Timing Light

MSD8992 Inductive Timing
Light Also Available

MSD Pro Mag Cap 7408

MSD Ignition MSD7408
Pro Mag Cap Replacement


MSD 74083 Pro Mag Cap

MSD Ignition MSD74083
Pro Mag Cap Replacement


MSD Ignition MSD7423
Pro Mag Rotor Replacement
MSD 7409 Pro Mag Wire Retainer

MSD Ignition MSD7409
Pro Mag Spark Plug
Wire Retainer Replacement


MSD 74093 Pro Mag Wire Retainer

MSD Ignition MSD74093
Pro Mag Spark Plug
Wire Retainer Replacement


MSD Pro Gaurd 3411

MSD Ignition MSD3411
MSD Pro-Heat Gaurd

25 Feet per Box
Electrimotion EM Timer Box

Electrimotion EM
Timer Box with Snyder Option

Snyder Option is Special for Converter Equiped Cars. 8 or 15 Channel Options for Six Shooters and Fuel Timers.

15 Channel 3rd Gen Timer
8 Channel Timer Module

Electrimotion EM Crank Trigger
Electrimotion EM
90 Degree Crank Triggers

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