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Snyder Jiffy-tite Motorsports Fittings Frank Mamone

Snyder Motorsports has an Extensive Selection of
Jiffy-tite Motorsports Quick Disconnect Fittings in Stock.

Jiffy-tite Logo Snyder Jiffy-tite Fittings

2000 Series, 3000 Series and 5000 Series - Sockets and Plugs,
Carburator Kits, Transmission Kits, Dust Caps and Plugs

Jiffy-tite Fittings Plug and Socket

Snyder Motorsports Lencodrive
External Transmission Fluid Cooler
Snyder Motorsports Lencodrive Transmission Cooler

- 110 Electric Pump
- Radiator & Ice to Cool Your Transmission
_ Fluid Quickly and Below Ambient Temp
- Jiffy-tite Quick Disconnect Fitting
- Quality Fittings and Goodridge Hoses
- 10ft Connections from Cooler to Trans

Lencodrive Trans Fluid Cooler Jiffy-tite Fittings

Snyder Lencodrive Trans Cooler Radiator
Snyder Lencodrive Trans Cooler Pump


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