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Jesel Hemi 904 Lifter

Jesel Nitro Alcohol Hemi Lifters

When Only the Best Will Do.
.904 Lifter, Standard or +.200

T&D Hemi Rocker Arms

T&D Hemi Rocker Set

SMS has been using T&D's on Our House Car since 2008.

- Improved Rigidity
- Improved Geometry
- High RPM Stability
- Larger Shafts, Studs, Bearings and Adjusters
- Simplified Maintance
- Custom Ratios and Offsets

je pistons snyder hemi

JE Hemi Pistons

2 Different Bore and 4 Different Compression Options

Hemi Piston Top 2nd Oil Rings

Hemi Piston Rings

Top Rings Stainless or Tool Steel
ZGap Second Rings
Oil Rings

4.375 - 4.4675 - 4.500

RCD Magnesium Gear Drive

RCD Engineering Gold Standard
Magnesium Front Gear Drive, Pump Extension, Blower Idler and Pulleys

Looking to save some weight? RCD has new Magnesium and Titanium parts: Pulleys, Idlers, Idler Plates, Gear Drives, Pump Extensions, Mag Hold Downs and Pump Drive Shafts.
This will take the weight off...

Aluminum Also Available

PSI Valve Springs
PSI Hemi Dual Valve Springs
Snyder Bead Lock Valve Locks

Snyder Exclusive Hemi Valve Locks
Bead Lock, 11/32 Shaft

Tired of Loose Bead Locks?
These Fit Tight.

R&R Hemi Connecting Rod

R&R Racing Products Aluminum
Hemi Connecting Rods

Hemi Light Weight or Standard

Snyder Sheet Metal Hemi Valve Cover

Sheet Metal Hemi Valve Covers

BC103 - Valve Covers
BC101 - Spark Plug Tubes

Aluminum Hemi Valve Cover Nuts

Valve Cover Aluminum Nuts

Hard Anodized for Strength
Course Thread for Speed

Sold by the Piece

Aluminum Hemi Valve Cover Nut and Stud Kit

Valve Cover Aluminum
Nut and Stud Kit

Complete Kit: 14 Hard Anodized Nuts and 14 Course Thread Studs

Hard Anodized for Strength
Course Thread for Speed

Clevite Hemi Rod Main Bearings

Clevite Hemi Connecting
Rod and Main Bearings

By the Rack, Set or Piece

Clearview Oil Filter 100-115

Clearview Oil Filter - CV100-115

Available Blacked Out or Clear

NGK Spark Plug 6061-10 6061-11
NGK Spark Plugs
6061-11 or 6061-10
Electrimotion EM Crank Trigger
Electrimotion EM
90 Degree Crank Triggers
Snyder Hemi Crank Bolt


A1 - Snyder Motorsports
Hi-Per Hemi Crank Bolt

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