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Snyder Motorsports Coan Converters Mike Recchia

Coan Converter

11" Snyder-ized Coan
Aluminum Converters

Specializing in high Horse Converters. We offer the whole package. We work with you to create a Converter package that will work with your car and combo.

1 Pump, 2 Pump, 3 Pump or
Steel/Aluminium Bolt Together.

Aluminum Converter Stator

Snyder Motorsports Exclusive
Billet Aluminium 11" Stators

Billet Alumium, Multiple Angles
Options are Limitless Now!!
Fully Machined, No Welding
6 Options to Fit Any Combo

Used Coan Converter

Coan Converters - Call for Pricing

11" #1 Pump, All Alum, Bolt Together, Stator Options
10.5" Steel/Alum Bolt Together, Stator Options
10.5" Steel Welded, 40/21, Spragless

Snyder Fluid Bypass Valve
Dual Bypass
Dual Bypass

The New Dual Multi-Purpose Fluid Bypass

Separate 6AN Inlets or Single 6AN Inlet, Single 8AN Outlet
Separate Activation, Jet-able, Multipurpose

Lucas Semi Synthetic ATF

Lucas Oil Sure Shift ATF

The Only ATF Snyder Motorsports
Uses in Our Lencodrive Tranmissions
We recommend Lucas ATF: It Works!!

CSR Lightweight Flexplate Flywheel Chevy Hemi

CSR Lightweight Flexplate

  • Lighter Plate with Built in Crank Adaptor
  • Steel Inserts for Converter and Crank Bolts
  • Direct Replacement for old CSR Crank Adaptor Combo
  • Weight: 3.0 lbs.
  • Chevy or Hemi/Chrysler
  • Coan or Chance Pattern
  • 29.2 SFI Spec.
CSR 162 168 Flexplate Hemi Chevy

CSR Lightweight Flexplate
with Ring Gears

  • Llighter Plate with Built in Crank Adaptor
  • Steel Inserts for Converter and Crank Bolts
  • Direct Replacement for old CSR Crank Adaptor Combos
  • Fits Most Any Converter Pattern.
  • Chevy or Hemi/Chrysler
  • 162 or 168 Ring Gear
  • 29.2 SFI Spec.
Flywheel Flexplate ARP Bolts

ARP Flexplate
Flywheel Bolts

1" Bolts, 1/2-20
ARP 200-2804

Converter Bolts Corse Fine

Snyder Converter Bolts

1.25" or 1.5" Fine Thread
1.25" or 1.5" Corse Thread


To Place an Order Call 219.987.2921

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