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Snyder Battery and Starter Systems Melissa Hutson

Snyder Hi Per 12 Volt Battery
Snyder Hi Per Battery Box

BC10 - Snyder Motorsports
Hi-Per 12 Volt Battery

Lighten up your race car with the Snyder Motorsports' 13 lbs SMS Hi-Per 12V battery. The Hhi-Per produces more power per pound than any other battery on the market. It has the cranking power of wet cell batteries 3x its size. This is due to the extremely low internal resistance. The SMS Hi-Per 12V does not have a cold cranking amp rating like other batteries, but it has been tested to crank supercharged engines and engines with compression ratios as high as 15:1. The reserve capacity of the battery is 16 amp hours. The Snyder Hi-Per 12V is completetly dry cell and can withstand the rigors of high performance racing enviroments. Any 12 volt changer can be used to recharge.

Snyder Battery Box

BC10BA - SMS Hi-Per 12 Volt
Billet Aluminum Battery Box

Looking for an easy way to mount your Snyder Hi-Per 12 Volt Battery. Here is the solution!

Snyder Hi Per Battery Box Single
Snyder Hi Per Dual Battery Box

BC10BD - SMS Hi-Per 12 Volt
Dual Billet Aluminum Battery Box

The Perfect Match for a Pair of SMS
Hi-Per 12V Batteries. This Dual Mount
Makes 24 Volt Starting Even Easier.

LithiumPro Battery 680-16

lithium pro snyder motorsports

16 Volt Lithium Pro Battery

Light Weight, Reliable and Fits in
Snyder Motorsports Battery Box

Lithium Pro Battery Charger 680-16

lithium pro snyder motorsports

16 Volt Lithium Pro Battery & Charger

Light Weight, Reliable and Fits in
Snyder Motorsports Battery Box

Snyder 48 Volt Battery Box

Snyder Motorsports 48 Volt
Blower Mount Starter Battery Pack

Featuring SMS Hi-Per 12V Batteries, this billet pack will get the job done. It has an easy to remove cover to prevent sparks and for easy charging. For even easier charging get a 48 Volt Charger (see below) with pig tail.

15' battery cables also available.

RCD 48 Volt Battery charger 103300

103300-0053 RCD Engineering
48 Volt Battery Charger

Battery charger with a brain! Microprocessor based technology enables it to read what the battery pack needs and adjust accordingly.

Available with Pigtail for the
SMS 48 Volt Starter Pack

RCD Snyder 48 Volt Blower Mount Starter Kit

Snyder Motorsports RCD Engineering
48 Volt RCD Blower Mount Starter
and Snyder Hi Per Battery Kit

The most trusted name in starting just got better... Snyder Motorsports 48 Volt Battery Pack, 15' Cables and RCD Starter.

RCD Blower Mount Starter 100500-0011

100500-0011 RCD Engineering
Blower Mount 48 Volt Starter

Features an aluminum frame and handle, and quick disconnect plug mounted on the starter. A hand wheel is used to manually engage the jaws. This starter requires 13” in front of the top blower sprocket. New starters have copper bus bars instead of wires.

RCD Engine Jaw Starter Dog 101303
101303-08 RCD Engieering
Titanium PSI Engine Jaw Starter Dog
for Blower Mount Starters

Steel Also Available 101303-07

12 Volt Shorai Electronic Battery

Shorai LIGHT Weight Battery

1.4 LBS - 4.5"x3.5"x2.25"

It won't start your high compression engine, but it will run all your electronics. It will stand up to some tire shake, as tested by our Outlaw Pro Mod car.

See Charger Below

Shorai Battery Charger

Shorai LIGHT Weight
Battery Charger

Charges 12 Volt or 6 Volt Batteries

CSR 12 16 24 Volt Starters

CSR Performance Products
Platium Starters

Lots of Options: 12, 16 or 24 Volt Systems
Chevy, Ford, Mutt or Updated Ford/BRP
The Best System on the Market!

105P24-12 Ford, 24 Volt, 12 Tooth Pinion for 162 Tooth Flexplate (Bohr Option Available)
105P12 Ford, 12 or 16 Volt, 12 Tooth Pinion for 162 Tooth Flexplate (Bohr Option Available)
100P24-175 Chevy, 24 Volt, 12 Tooth Pinion, .175 Offest Block for 162 Tooth Flexplate
100P24 Chevy, 24 Volt or 100P Chevy, 9 Tooth Pinion, for 168 Tooth Flexplate
100P-175 Chevy, 12 or 16 Volt, 12 Tooth Pinion, .175 Offest Block for 162 Tooth Flexplate

CSR Smart Start 160

CSR Performance Products
24 Volt Smart Start Box

The easiest and cleanest way to do a 24 Volt Start System. Finish the Package with a Billet Aluminum Dual Battery Box and Snyder Motorsports 12 Volt Hi-Per Batteries. (See Above)

CSR Flexplate 168 162 No Ring

CSR Lightweight Flexplate
with Ring Gears

  • Llighter Plate with Built in Crank Adaptor
  • Steel Inserts for Converter/Crank Bolts
  • Direct Replacement for old CSR Crank Adaptor Combos
  • Fits Most Any Converter Pattern.
  • Chevy or Chrysler
  • 162 or 168 Ring Gear
  • 29.2 SFI Spec.
Avaiable Flexplates/Fywheels:
CSR 255-5-4
Coan Pattern, Lightened, No Ring Gear
CSR 256-5-4 Chance Pattern, Lightened, No Ring Gear
CSR 257-5-4 Multi-Pattern, 8 Bolt Hemi Crank, Hub Insert, 168 Tooth
CSR 259-5-4 Multi-Pattern, 8 Bolt Hemi Crank, Hub Incert, 162 Tooth
CSR 260-5-4 Multi-Pattern, 6 Bolt Chevy Crank, 162 Tooth

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