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Titanium Header Supercharger Restraints

Supercharger Restraints
Titanium Header Brackets

Steel is Heavy. Aluminum lacks Quality. Titanium!! 1.4 pounds for 4 brackets. Titanium Brackets and Pins.

Snyder Motorsports CO2 Air Bottle Kit
Snyder Motorspports
CO2 Air Bottle Kit

with Dual Pressure Regulator

Includes: CO2 Bottle, Air Bottle Braket, Dual Pressure Regulator, Air Guage, Guage Adaptor, 90 Swivel Fitting and Air Fittings

Snyder Motorsports Dual CO2 Pressure Regulator

BC65 - The Snyder Motorsports
Dual Pressure CO2 Regulator

1- 1/8" Pipe Inlet
2- 1/8" Pipe Outlets
Set at 2 Different Pressures
Pick Your Pressures 100 Min-250 Max
Weight: 5 Ounces

Used in Every Drag Racing Class
Super Gas to Outlaw Pro Mod
Drag Boats to Alcohol Funny Cars
Top Sportsman to Mud Drags

Snyder CO2 Bottle Adaptor

Snyder Motorsports
CO2 Air Bottle Adaptor

For All the Racers Who Wanted a Snyder Motorsorts CO2 Dual Regulator, But Had the Wrong Bottles. We Have the Solution.
This Fitting Will Adapt Your Old CO2 Bottle to Our Dual Regulator System.

Steel Construction
CO2 Bottle Thread to -4AN

CO2 Gasket

Snyder Motorsports CO2 Bottle Gasket

Made with Steel Core Gasket Material. This
is a Racing CO2 Gasket, not a Soda Gasket.

Snyder Motorsports CO2 Air Bottle Fill Kit

BC71 - Snyder Motorsports
CO2 Air Bottle Fill Kit

CO2 Air Bottle Adaptor and Steel 4 AN Line

Pit Pal Engine Stand

162 - Pit Pal Engine Stand

Heavy duty construction with dual wheel casters.
Designed to fit motors with front motor plates and all accessories, such as oiling systems, air pumps, dry sump tanks,etc. Unique front tubes accommodate any height or angle. Two large spring loaded locking pins secure stand during transportation.

Aluminum Hemi Valve Cover Nuts

Valve Cover Aluminum Nuts

Hard Anodized for Strength
Course Thread for Speed

Sold by the Piece

Aluminum Hemi Valve Cover Nut and Stud Kit

Valve Cover Aluminum Nut and Stud Kit

Complete Kit: 14 Hard Anodized Nuts and 14 Course Thread Studs

Hard Anodized for Strength
Course Thread for Speed

The G Spot Shock Travel Sensor - 7.62" Travel - 5 Volt - In Stock at $179.95
Clearview Oil Filter 100-115

Clearview Oil Filter - CV100-115

Available Blacked Out or Clear

RCD Engineering Titanium Blower
Mount Starter Drive - Engine Dog

New Light Weight Titanium Design.
Steel Versions Also Available.
Roots or Screw Blower Designs.


RCD Pulley Washer and Bolts 151515 201000

151515-01 RCD Engineering
NAS 12pt Aluminum Sprocket
Washer for Pulley

201000 RCD Engineering
NAS Bolt Kit

fExhaust Port Covers

Hemi Head Exhaust Port Covers

Tired of tape and cardboard over your spare engines' exhaust ports? These .250" thick, hard plastic covers are perfect.
Multiple Engine and Port Designs Available.

Manifold Intake Cover Aluminium

Intake Manifold Cover

Keep that Spare Engine Covered with this
.080 Aluminium Manifold Cover.
Fits Roots or Screw Bolt Patterns.

NGK spark Plugs 6061-10 6061-11
NGK Spark Plugs
6061-11 or 6061-10
Lenco Lencodrive Titanium Bolt

Titanium Lencodrive Bolt Kits

Looking to loose some weight off your Lencodrive or Lenco. We have the ansewer- Ti Bolt Kits. Save up to 3 lbs.

2speed Lencodrive 79 Bolts
3speed Lencodrive 94 Bolts

Starting Line Air Throttle Unit

Snyder Motorsports Hi-Per
Starting Line Air Throttle Unit

Good for 150 psi and fine thread throttle adjustment make this air throttle the best unit!

Comes with air cylinder, electric solenoid, air fittings, adjustment bolt and rod end

Electrimotion EM Timer Box

Electrimotion EM
Timer Box with Snyder Option

Snyder Option is Special for Converter Equiped Cars. 8 or 15 Channel Options for Six Shooters and Fuel Timers.

15 Channel 3rd Gen Timer
8 Channel Timer Module

Electrimotion EM Crank Trigger
Electrimotion EM
90 Degree Crank Triggers
Gates Blower Supercharger Belts Problem solver

Gates Belts and Hoses
Problem Solver Blower
Supercharger Belts

Problem Solver Belts are made with Kevlar in the USA making them the best on the market. Don't Settle for Foreign Knockoffs.

Specialty Large Burst Panel 23.1
1150 - Specialty Fasteners
Large SFI 23.1 Burst Panels
Lenco PSI Screw Quill Shafts

Snyder Motorsports Lenco Equipment
PSI Screw Blower Quill Shafts

You Might Break Another Brand's Quill
Shafts, but You Can't Break These.

Air Fittings and Tube

Push Lock Air Fittings and Tube/Line
for Air Shift or Air Throttles

Air Line: 5/32 or 1/4 Tude
Clear or Black
Up to 350 psi

1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 Pipe Thread
5/32 or 1/4 Tube
Striaght, 90's or T's
Y's, T's and Straights
Plugs Also Available

PJ1 Supercharger Lube VHT Wheelie Bat Chalk

PJ1 Supercharger Lube - BC1025
Will not make the intake ports sticky,
but will make the rotors spider web
A must for blowers and superchagers!!

VHT Wheely Bar Chalk - BC1026
Perfect spray for any wheely bar wheel, easier than shoe polish

Button Shifter Knob

Trans Brake Button Shifter Knob
for Lenco - Lencodrive Reverser Shifter

Direct Replacement for the current Shift Knob on Lenco Reverser Shifter. Use the Button as a Trans Brake, 'Shift' or Line Lock.

Snyder Trans Brake Button

Snyder Motorsports
Trans Brake Button

Originally Made for Jet Fighters. This Button is Consistent, Reliable, Fast and Not Too Touchy.

Snyder Air Shift Solenoid Lenco

Snyder Motorsports
Air Shift Solenoid

for Lenco or Lencodrive - BC85

Perfect for the Lencodrive or any Lenco. Good at 250 psi. This solenoid has the flow to make your clutches last.

Lenco air Shift Button
BC39 - Lenco Equipment
Air Shift Button

For the driver that wants to shift the car manually, but wants the advantages of air shifting.

Taylor Lencodrive Balistics Blanket

LD2 - Taylor Motorsports Products
Lencodrive 4.1 SFI Ballistic Blanket

Made especially for the Lencodrive, so it’s easy to install and fits tight.

Choices Include:
BC47K2 - Kevlar 2 speed
BC47N2 - Nylon 2 speed
BC47K3 - Kevlar 3 speed
BC47N3 - Nylon 3 speed


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